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orders map

So i downloaded the script and eveyrthing is perfect, except i cannot see the orders map nor can i see the grid when purchasing pixels. It instead gives me a broken image.I tried increasing the php memory even to 64M and even edited the php.ini file. Im using go daddy hosting and they have php verison 5.2.5please help me πŸ™ i just want it to workThanks,Tyler

Hi Tyler,Do you get any errors in your error logs?Did you go to Process Pixels in the admin area and process the grid?Ryan

Hello,I am having the same issue, broken image link.I have adjusted the grid to 150w x 100h.When I try to test "buy" pixels it does not show the grid.Where can I find the log files to upload?The error code it gives me when I try and "view" the broken image in firefox is:http://XXXXX/users/show_map.php?BID=1&time=1286131587” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.Let me know what you think!Thanks,Kyle

Hmm, I am not sure where your log files are. That would depend on your host configuration. They might be in /var/log/httpd or something like that. Or if you are on a shared host they might be accessible in your control panel somewhere.Have you clicked the Process Pixels button?