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No such file or directory

I am having issues with with "No such file or directoryin /home/a3247831/public_html/include/functions.php on line 2496" & 2528I tried replacing "/" with "" since im a PC user, but that just ended with syntax error. It seems Martin fixed it, but I would like to see the solution.If there is none, how can I delete the "Upload an additional Image" option, so users wont get that error each time? thank you

Reference: https://milliondollarscript.com/forum/14-general/425-mouse-over-boxTo answer your question, you should be able to fix the issue by using or DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR as a variable in place within the code in various places. I don't imagine this script will work overly well on windows. I think I rememeber seeing other spots in the code which would require the change. Ideally to make it cross platform I believe it should be DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR.Have you tried these steps to fix it?https://milliondollarscript.com/forum/14-general/425-mouse-over-box#433However if you want to remove the Additional Image form element you can try deleting it in the admin under Configuration > Ad Form click Additional image and click the Delete button. I don't know how well this will work though. It may present other issues or it may not even let you delete it.Ryan