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MySql Problem

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Hi,If an user sign up a new account, he get´s no validation email.I wait over 20 minutes an resend, but nothing happened and after long time produce MySQL server has gone away message will displayed.After that i changed main configuration wait time 1 min to resend, Same message MySql server has gone away.what i do to fix this warning or error.I'm changed lot in my server as well SMTP Configurationi'm using godaddy vps hosting...

Hi there,Have you tried the development snapshot to see if that fixes the issue?

hi Ryan, i found the problem is MySQL server has gone away that only the problem has been sended to my from(admin) mail id the error in the mail id is show below.Error in admin mail id: MySQL server has gone awaySELECT * from mail_queue where (status='queued' OR status='error') AND retry_count <= 15 order by mail_date DESC>

Which version of MDS are you running?How many mails do you actually have in your queue? If you can't see in MDS maybe you can view the database (in phpMyAdmin or something) and see how many entries the mail_queue table has in it.If not many then maybe your MySQL settings require some tweaking. If lots then maybe you have to keep less in there for your server unless you tweak your MySQL settings.

Hi Ryan, I have checked in phpmyadmin there only 3 rows in queue yesterday.but today i try to resend 550-Please turn on SMTP Authentication in your mail client error will be produced. And also checked email configurations in my server host.How fix this problem..............

Which version of MDS are you running?Mail has been tested to work fine.

sorry i don't know how to check which version is running

Well if you login its on the top left of the screen. Also if you haven't tried the dev snapshot you may wish to give it a shot because mail works fine in it for me.

Not installing blank screen will display in the screen.

Are you saying you were never actually able to install the script in the first place?

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