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Multiple Grids

Hi there, Nice script and although I'm somewhat of a beginner to web design - I've managed to get it running locally to modify it for a project. Trying a few HTML5 and CSS3 modifications. Can see in admin there is the option to create multiple grids, but is it possible to output these grids created in admin to different webpages easily? Was trying to have multiple pages with a different grid on each, linking into the same admin panel. Any help or guidance would be appreciated. Yours Humbly,Matt

Hello,Yes you can display them through separate iframes if you like. There is an area to generate the HTML for them or you can copy the one from the index.php file and change the BID=1 to BID=2 or whichever grid # the one you want to use is.Good luck!Ryan

Thanks, Ryan! That makes sense as couldn't figure why it wasn't displaying the second grid.Quick reply!Regards,Matt