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Moneybookers Shopping Cart

I have a formal Moneybookers Merchant Account. However, when somebody pays online and gets clearance from Moneybookers the order does not get COMPLETED, but pends still for confirmation.IS the loop-back script for moneybookers correct? I understood that each Online Payed order would also get COMPLETED automatically ? Which saves manual checking of payment......Did anything change with Moneybookers, or did I make a mistake on the Response Page ??? What shoud I do or check to make this work fully automated?Thanks,Gijs

I will check into this but its entirely possible Moneybookers changed since the code was written and last updated.

Hi there,Sorry for the wait on this but I have been a little busy.I was just checking the Moneybookers API and I can't find any problems so far but I am still looking things over.Did you still have a problem with this? If so can you please send me your log files to [email protected] should be a file called /payment/logs.txt which should give some info about the error.I don't know how to test it yet even either as I have never personally used Moneybookers.Ryan