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Merge Files (Upgrade Version - how?)

Hi,I've read how to merge files and 'replace' the old ones [https://milliondollarscript.com/category/installation/]But still I have to download all files, from host, go file by file to change its content - which is very much - and upload all files again one by one.Or isn't that right?!Ryan says "Fire up WinMerge.Select the new file on the left and the old file on the right. Click OK"But doesn't i have to download all files first?!Help.

Hi there,If you are upgrading from an old version to the dev snapshot I believe you should just be able to upload the files over top of the old version and it should work ok. Make sure to take a backup first that you can restore in case there are issues.Some files were removed from version 2.0.15 to 2.1 such as the FCKeditor folder I think it was. But in most other cases new files were added or existing files were updated so uploading the new version overtop of the old one should work ok. I don't think there were any database changes so to keep it compatible.Ryan