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MercadoPago payment

I would like to know how much will you charge to create a payment plugging for Mercado Pago, the idea is to use your script for latinos (Mexico), so it would be great to use this payment. Or if you could helpme to change one of the already payments available that are not usable for me into the MercadoPago funtions.

Again, apologies for the late reply. I'm not too sure why the forums don't notify me again. Maybe something they did in a recent update again. I find it very annoying though. Sorry about that.I've never heard of that payment service.It may cost around $250-500 CAD to create such a thing, based on previous payment modules I've created for people. I charge hourly for my time so it really depends on how great their API and documentation is and how many issues I encounter along the way. I found this and it looks like it might be somewhat decent and is actually in English so that's a pretty good start. https://www.mercadopago.com.mx/developers/Note that I can also accept payment in Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies as well. Feel free to send me a direct message on Discord. ryvix #1807