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Map of orders empty


I am currently setting up the script / embedding it in a website - running through a xampp environment on windows to iron out bugs. Pretty much everything works - except that when I check the grid via the Admin Menu --> Map of Orders none of the colour coding appears. The grid is empty, no red or green blocks.

I have two test orders that should be displayed on the map. They do register on the map - if I mouse over the relevant blocks the info pop up does appear - but the map itself is displayed as all white.

Same case if I login as a test user, with an approved order, and click on "Manage my Pixels - the Grid that is displayed is all white. On that page neither the block of pixels (click your block to edit it) nor "red blocks" that "have no pixels yet" are highlighted.

Interestingly if I go to "My order history" and then click the "manage" link in the table the grid that appears DOES display the uploaded image - but no red blocks.

It may of course be an issue that's linked to running this via xampp on a Windows PC - but I'd rather figure out if there's something else wrong before uploading the site to the actual live server.

I've tried swapping out the block graphics via "Manage Grid" in the Admin menu - but that didn't change anything.

Any ideas?


And not quite as important - is it possible, as an Admin, to "move" bought pixels / re-arrange logos on the grid? People do missclick - or it may be necessary to close a gap between two logos manually later.

Thank you so much - and for all the work that went into the script :).


Hi there,

I will check and see if that's just a bug and if so fix it. It could certainly be because I rewrote a lot of the image processing stuff there.

I don't believe there's currently any interface for moving pixels but you could temporarily set the user as a privileged user to allow them to post a new order for free.



The first issue is a bug which I'm working on a fix for. It may be as simple as removing a line in a file.

Also, I was thinking about the moving pixels feature and remembered that it is actually possible to move an existing order in the admin. I totally forgot about it before. There's these 2 little buttons above that map of orders which are supposed to do it. However when I tested it just now I think they are a bit buggy so I'll fix that up too. It should work so that you can click the button, click an order, then click the new spot but as you can see it's a bit broken right now so a fix will be incoming for that soon.

After I fix them you should be able to redownload and reupload the files or make the changes you see in the commits on github. But I'll let you know here after I'm done with them both.


For the first issue you can change this file like shown here:


You just have to remove those 2 lines highlighted in red. The green line is just because I commented orders out instead of removing it. If you want to display the images instead of the red boxes leave the orders line alone but just remove the users line. I think they were just red boxes originally before I rewrote all the image functionality.

I'm still working on the other issue.

Cool 🙂

Thank you so much. I csn't talk about the website atm - but will probably link it here once it goes life. If all goes well your script will support a fundraising drive for a really interesting / groundbreaking conservation science project  :).


All the best,


Awesome, glad to hear you find it useful ???? 

I'm still working on the other thing. It may take me awhile because I'm a little busy with some other things as well.