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    Hi there, and first of all thx for the fantastic job you put on that script (using the latest version).
    Now, I can’t get to have the list appears on any of my page.
    I tried to call the top_ads_js.php page
    I tried to copy paste the code you get in the admin section
    But I guess I’m doing something wrong cos it never appears.
    Any clue why that is ?



    Have you ran the Process Pixels in the admin area? Do you get any errors in your web servers error logs?



    Hey Ryan, thx for the quick answer.
    I ran the processes grid. It works perfectly.
    No error logs so far.
    In the admin panel i get the ready to paste code from the Report/top advisers.
    I guess that’s where i start messing up. I’ve try to
    – paste the code in a blank page and calling it
    – pasting in a div somewhere in another page
    -calling directly top_ads_js.php.

    Then I’m at a loss..
    I guess i’m not using it/ pasting it/calling it where it belong..




    The code is an iframe which is some HTML code you can paste into an HTML file. You could paste it into CMS templates or into articles or modules/widgets in some cases if they dont strip the iframe tags out, or just into static a HTML file.



    So here’s the generated code from the admin panel ( never mind the triple t in both “script” tags, i did it on purpose for bypassing the forum thinkink i was, indeed, using a script)
    [quote] Ad Form -> Edit Template


    Now my list_ads.php page looks like this

    [color=#ff0000][b]THIS IS WHERE I WANT THE LIST GENERATED BY YOUR CODE[/b][/color]

    But i guess i’m too much a noob, cos even with your two previous answers and multiples tries at it. I just can’t make it work…

    I hope i have been clearer and you can help me out 🙂
    Thx in advance



    Sorry, I was thinking it was like the grid. I will test this out and fix any issues and add a page for this on the main page.

    Are you using 2.0.15 of the script or the 2.1 development snapshot?

    I also have to fix some things in the development snapshot so that it can update properly because I removed http:// being necessary to enter in the ad when ordering to stop mod_security from triggering yesterday. However, if installing fresh it should work fine.



    I use the 2.1 dev snapshot (downloaded last friday).
    I’ll be looking for your updates !
    Thx a lot



    I will hopefully get all these things done before the end of the day.

    And when I said:
    [quote=”Ryan” post=797]add a page for this on the main page.[/quote]
    I was talking about adding a link to the scripts index.php with this list you are trying to use so it shows by default when installing. Just thought it sounded like I might have been talking about this website but I am referring to the script.

    I have to fix a couple bugs in some guys website and then I will work on this =)



    Well I didn’t quite get the bugs fixed yet but almost.

    I did add an extra page for the ads list but I am not quite sure it’s working as I imagined it to. What sorts of things would you like to see in the columns in the list?

    I haven’t updated the dev snapshot yet with the changes. I will see if I can fix the bug first thing tomorrow morning before I start back into work again and send the changes to the server which will auto update the snapshot.



    Hi Ryan, and again thx for the time and effort u put in there.
    What i’d like is pretty basic I guess :

    Order Date/Name/add text/Number of pixels(optional for :/ID/Company Name ) and sortable by 1-2-4 (5-6 if chosen)?

    I don’t think there is much more needed, altho is you have an extra brilliant idea I’m all ears 🙂



    Well presently it also displays those popup hover boxes but I don’t think it’s putting them in the proper position but that might have been a workaround to some bug. It’s just showing them ont he top left of the screen. I will see if I can fix that all up.



    Yeah I saw those, well I saw the emplacement when inspecting my page with firebug 🙂
    I thought it was just an issue due to the list not displaying.



    I committed a new dev version with the ads list page but I didn’t fix one of the bugs I was trying to fix to let you edit the ad form so you can remove the http:// on the URL field.

    So you either have to edit the URL in the form_fields database table to not have http:// in it or reinstall fresh which might be a pretty good idea anyway just incase. Or at least delete the library folder before updating and remove that http://.

    I added some new files for header and footer into the html folder. The user pages and admin pages don’t use these but the front of the site does. Hopefully works ok.



    I ran a new install, and this feature now works perfectly !
    I wish u made it sortable tho, but it’s no big deal 🙂



    Cool, I will add some sort of sortable thing in the future for it.

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