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Licensing terms



I know very well that the terms and conditions are standard and often no one reads them, but I really want to get things right, so I would like to understand some points:

1)Document COPYING

<< Copyright (C) 2007 Free Software Foundation, Inc. <http://fsf.org/&gt;
 Everyone is permitted to copy and distribute verbatim copies
 of this license document, but changing it is not allowed.>>

a)In what terms is the change not allowed?
For example if I decide to add iframes for banners I don't think there are any problems, right?
The functions of the script will leave them unchanged.

Where can I not make changes?

b)The copyright of your site does not touch it in the code of the pages, but I would like to understand if I can remove it from the footer of all pages and leave it only in some or place it otherwise, without varying the phrase  "Powered by Million Dollar Script copyright 2010-2019 ", obviously.

c)I think I understand that, apart from the introduction, the terms and conditions of the LICENSE document are the same as this, correct?

2)Document README

<<Note for 2C0 settings

    The script requires 2CO account version 2. Also you will need to set the
    return URLs in your 2C0 account (under the Look and Feel). 2C0 agreement
    allows only one account per website, so it is better to have the script
    running on the same domain that you registered your 2C0 account with!>>

What is 2C0 ?

b)Increase the number of pixels in the future could create damage?

3)Questions not related to previous documents

a)If a user buys pixels for a website that apparently has no sites prohibited to minors (such as pornography) or illegal sites (hackers, crack, and illegal software) and I approve it, who will take responsibility for the damage? Me or him?

b)The documents I mentioned above, do I have to put them inside the website folder?

I still read everything else, I couldn't repeat it by heart, but I read it :D.
I ask you kindly if you can answer me with numbers and letters, for this time, please.

Thank for your help



a. This is referring to the license itself. You cannot change the license. It is the GNU General Public License v3 which you can see here: http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-3.0.html

Somewhere in that license I believe it says that if you change the code you're supposed to document what and when and send it back but I won't hunt you down if you don't.

b. If you're referring to the Terms of Use page that is mostly about the website. The GPL is what's supposed to govern the use of the software, rather than anything on the website. However, I believe that somewhere in the GPL it states that you should not remove any copyrights from the software. But you can comment them out in the code if you don't want it to show on your site.

You can do that by changing the line in /html/footer.php to

<?php /* <div class="footer">&copy; Copyright <?php echo date('Y') . " " . SITE_NAME; ></div>*/ ?>

And the line in /users/footer.php to

<?php /*echo_copyright();*/ ?>

c. COPYING.txt and LICENSE.txt are basically the same thing. I'm not really completely sure why they both exist anymore.


a. 2Checkout is an online payment processor and there is a payment module for it included with the script. Also that README is probably a little outdated I would imagine.

b. Yes if you already have orders on your grid it might not be possible to resize your grid under Manage Grids. For example if you change the dimensions of your grid then not all orders will necessarily be within the new grid dimensions anymore so it might break those orders.


a. I'm not a legal adviser so I can't say. Make sure you add all your terms and whatnot to your legal agreement pages if you have them. Although in some cases it might not matter what you put on those pages. Contact a lawyer if you're worried about it. If you are linking to sites that have illegal content I'm sure you could be held responsible but if you aren't aware of it and someone makes you aware of it you should definitely remove the link.

b. The GPL LICENSE.txt document is supposed to be included with the script when it's being distributed. If you're using it on your site then it doesn't really matter if it's there since you aren't technically distributing it but using it instead.

Okay, thanks for the elucidation.
The script for the Privacy Act I need to add it, right? The one for the cookies that appears on each site.

You can add a cookie notice. If you're going for GDPR compliance I think you have to have something like that and probably some other things but I'm not an expert in that.


Is Paypal still being tested or can I use it?
I tried to select PayPal to make and it turns out that there is a system error, with the background of the PayPal page


The last time I tested PayPal it worked fine and nobody has reported that it doesn't work.

Do you see any errors in your error logs about it?


I created an account as a client and tried to buy pixels.
The first error I put it in this post to not create off topic, but I can still proceed and pay, but with PayPal I have an error with the logo of PayPal which translated is "A system error occurred. Try again later."

I entered this string in Paypal's IPN settings.
I couldn't find the token section, but from what I read in your script's settings it's optional

Are you using the PayPal sandbox? Does your site have https available and using a valid certificate? Do you get any errors in your web server's error logs?

I do not understand that I have errors from the server, it is a PayPal error.
The strange thing is that I get an email to the address with which I joined, coming from my site with the email address of the site, which says that I bought pixels. I did this experiment 3 or 4 times, when I go on my orders there is nothing and this is good otherwise I should worry more, but it remains the error of PayPal.
I have already tried with other browsers and it does me the same problem, I never had this problem to pay with PayPal.

Now,I created the sandbox account and I'm trying to figure out how to launch the test.
I do not have to insert anything of the code strings that shows me, inside the site script, right?

With everything Sandbox, but they're just test addresses, I tried to send me some money and the transaction was OK.
Perhaps I did not understand the passage of this step correctly:

Step 2

To get the Instant Payment Notifications to work, ensure that IPN is enabled for your PayPal account.

Log into your PayPal account and click on 'Profile' -> 'Instant Payment Notification Preferences' and hit Edit.
Enter the IPN URL of your website that was entered in step 1. (If you already have a IPN URL entered in there, don't worry about it, the Million Dollar Script will pass the URL to PayPal and PayPal will know what to do anyway)

I in the IPN of my PayPal account (not in the test) I entered https://www.WEBSITE.com/payment/paypalIPN.php , is that right?


Another thing I noticed are the orders that result in the site, but the payment that did not arrive on the account also because I appeared on the page error and no payment, when I used my account that I registered.

Thank you