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Index,php and main.css

Hi, I've been editing the index.php and main.css files in Dreamweaver, and I have some problems. One of them is I can't get the logo to move to the center. I changed logo float: left to logo float: center, but nothing changes. But when I change the destination of the pixels sold/available box, it moves. So I was wondering why the logo won't move?Also are there limits on the size of the files when you upload them to the remove server? I'm using Filezilla, and it only allows me to upload a portion of each file. For example, my index.php file is 1,825, but when I upload it the file size is 1,701?Any help would be much appreciated, thank you!!

Hi there!There is no such thing as float:center; in CSS. You can use either text-align:center; on the containing element or margin:0 auto; on the logo element itself.Make sure you are uploading the files in the proper transfer method, for example files like PHP, CSS, etc. which are readable should be uploaded in ASCII, but files like gif, jpg, png, or any other files that aren't text characters should be uploaded in BINARY. I'm not sure about Filezilla as I never use it but usually they do this automatically these days unless you have a setting changes somewhere I think.It may also be normal for the file size to be slightly different since it may be a different OS with a different file system. If you can open the file on the server and it's all there then there should be nothing to worry about.Good luck!Ryan