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I have many questions


This is my PHP CORE Configuration:[url=http://www.id-f.fr/upload/php-core.jpg]http://www.id-f.Fr/upload/php-core.jpg[/url]If it can help.edit: I did a fresh install and everything seems to work, I had to make a mistake somewhere. I'll keep you informed and thank you again for everything

It seems that the errors happens when I change the block size in 25x25 instead of 10x10. When I return to 10x10 all working again perfectly but is too small to be I want to do.[u]edit:[/u] I found where was the problem with the black background. After for the rest I think it's linked at the changement of size of my blocks.This is the URL of my page if you want watch it: [url=http://www.the-wall.fr]http://www.the-wall.fr[/url]

You would have an idea ..?

Hi, sorry for the delayed response. Did you still have a problem? Or are you just saying there is a problem changing from the 10x10 to 25x25? If so please could you explain more about the problem and what you have tried and if you have fixed it?