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How to REMOVE/SET-FREE reserved pixels?

Hey RyanI hope this post finds you in the best of health & spirit. Dude I have been exploring for testing the "v 2.0.15" script and it has been working all fine until I encountered the following errors which don't show to go away πŸ™ please help. ThanksAttached is the picture which clearly demonstrate the problems.Please note that the Light-grey "R" blocks are for 'reserved pixels'. Thanks[img]http://omerjamil.com/reserved-pixels-error.png[/img]

Hi there,I will correct the Write Your Ad language, thanks for reporting. You can edit it in the admin area by going to Configuration > Language and click Translation / Editing Tool. This should pop up a window. Search for advertiser_write_ad_button. Once you click Save it should fix the problem and you can close the popup window.You should be able to go to Not For Sale in the admin area and click the pixels which are reserved to make them available again. Once you save it and Process Pixels they should become available again.As for the box that shows when you mouse-over a reserved block, I don't get that and am unable to even see a box pop up when I mouse over a reserved block. What settings did you change to make this appear? I am not the original author of this script so I am still unfamiliar with parts of it.Ryan

All done! thanks loads Ryan :-)About the mouse-over box, you only get to see it in the grid showing under "MAP OF ORDERS" link.

Oh I see it now. So you are saying there are now order details for Order #0 when you click the reserved blocks? Is there an order #0 in the list of orders? I don't think it should be possible to have an order #0. It doesn't show me any when I click it. It will take me to the list or orders and say *** Highlighting order #0. but there is no order #0. It starts at order #1 in the list.