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How to Increase the size of the blocks?


Ok, it would seem the memory is running out. I set it to 256M in the config in a couple spots. You have it 650 blocks high which is pretty tall.If you right click on the grid and open the frame in a new tab you can see how tall it is.Also the background image could be changed to match your new grid image which is located at /pixels/bg-main1.gif

Also, when you make changes to the grid make sure you Process Pixels.

Hi, How would I be able to enlarge the front-page? The grid that is displayed to the public or the homepage. Would it be possible to create few pages as the grid is very large now maybe be I can create 10 pages on the homepage.

You can change the size of the iframe in the index.php file or you can create separate grids.

How can get to the code that will allow me to do 100 width and 10000 height (yes I want a billion pixels ) or can someone tell me how to get my grid to show properly with 1 billion pixels?

You won't be able to do 1 billion pixels without a massive amount of server memory. At least for now. I do plan to implement an AJAX method for loading the grid allowing it to load in small parts in version 3.0 which will also be a WordPress plugin.