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How to Increase the size of the blocks?


I want to increase the size of the blocks on the homepage. Does anyone know how to exactly do it? I want each block to be the size of 8 blocks wide, 4 blocks in height. ????? :S :S :S

Hi there,You should be able to go to Manage Grids and edit the grid and upload new block images and adjust the block size in there.

How can I fix the errors that are showing in the attachment?


You have to make sure the images are the proper size that you have set. If they are then you could try the development snapshot. I fixed a lot of things from the original script and I think I may have fixed something to do with that area at one point.

First of all Thanks a lot for your support. Where exactly would I find these images that I would need to replace? In what folder/file of the code. I am a novice without much knowledge of php.Thanks I really appreciate your support.

Well all the different block types listed there each require their own images so if you change the block size you have to choose new image files for them so they match the new size you want. You should be able to create new image files yourself or resize existing ones, but they may not look right if they are resized. But if you look at /admin/block.png you can see an example of how a regular empty block looks. Other blocks may be just solid squares of colour but the blank default ones have lines on 2 of the sides.

I changed the colored blocks, it doesn't show an error anymore. But the front end is not looking as it's suppose to according to the block size. I have attached snapshots. when on buy pixel page the gird is there in the background to place the image, but the image isn't being displayed. Order also comes up in the admin panel to approve, after approval it doesn't show on the front.


You would have to change the background tile image depending on what you want it to be.Do you see any errors in your web server error log file?

I tried uploading new background tile image, but no difference is seen on the front. Can you take a look at it? I am utterly confused with this. Maybe take a look & tell me where to make the changes. Can you send me your Email address so I can forward my hosting details & admin password.Thanks, I really appreciate all the help from you.

Sure, its just ryan at this.domain (milliondollarscript.com).