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Homepage error (main1.gif) and other questions


The homepage of altcion.com shows altcion.com/pixels/main1.gif doesn't exist. What is supposed to be there?

Also i would like to know how can admin add an image and link directly without customer directly paying through my site. For example: if a user has paid directly and sent image and link, then how i can add it?


Hi there,

There are more steps to install. You also have to install, configure and enable a payment module. Then you can also edit the Main Config and also manage your grids and then you can run the Process Pixels in the admin to generate the grids.

You can make a user account for them and add their orders manually if you don't want to use one of the existing payment modules for it.

In fact I have an external payment module kicking around somewhere I'll attach to this post. You can extract the file to your MDS payment folder and then setup the External Payment module. This will allow you to link to an external page for payment instructions and includes an auto-approve feature.