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Hello,I'm desperate, I have the project in production and no one can buy ... the system does not work well.Please help...

Hello, when I try to enter the admin, on most occasions not let me, so I have to try many times until the admin is displayed.What I can do?

That seems odd. Do you get any errors in your web server error logs?

Hello,If I have the log file where I can send it you?

Hi, it's exasperating,After entering the password for the admin, the page is blank ...What I can do.Greetings.

Hi there,Did you enable a payment module?Do you get any errors in your web server error logs? You might have to edit the main config and change the error reporting to E_ALL and then try again to see if it produces errors.Good luck!Ryan

Hello,Where do I change that?

Hi there,In your config.php there should be a line that says: error_reporting(0);Change it to say: error_reporting(E_ALL);Then save the file and try viewing the page again and see if it displays any errors. If not then they are likely going to a log file. You could also add below that line: display_errors(1);If you don't know where your web server's error log files are they may be in the same folder as the file causing the error, such as /admin/error.log or something like that.Ryan