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Header.php & Footer.php not effective?


Hi,So I have placed custom html and css in header.php and footer.php but it does not seem to be reflecting in any of the pages. The only page I see the code reflecting is the index.php..I saw the pages it does not work on in the readme. However even for pages like order_pixels.php it is not showing any of the header or footer code. Any help would be great πŸ™‚

I don't think those pages will use the header and footer. At least not yet. That is a recent thing I added and I didn't get to changing the rest of things yet. I guess it's just a matter of me taking the time to change everything to use the new header and footer. I've just been so busy lately.However, there is a header function inside includes/functions2.php which gets pulled into users/login_functions.php at line 47 to produce the full header. There are other pages which call the get_doc function around in the code somewhere I believe.

So where are the headers being generated from?How easy would it be to convert, say order_pixels.php to read from the header and footer documents? It would be nice to only have to change files once for the whole site to keep it looking uniform..

I edited the users/login_functions.php to use the headers and updated the snapshot with this file. It hopefully should work for the order_pixels.php

I will check it out.Does order_pixels go thru login_functions though, since the first steps of buying pixels do not require login?

ok, I downloaded the last snapshot and uploaded the login_functions.phpThis does seem to cause list.php to use the header/footers but still not the buy a pixel process..

Does anyone know how to get the header/footer.php to effect the pages for the buying of pixels process? This is the last major thing holding my site back! πŸ™

I guess I might have to go through it some more and test and fix it. I am kind of busy this week but maybe I can get to it.

I actually just got it to work..All I had to do was go into the order_pixels and subtitite the two calls to header and footer.php and change the link to html/header.php and html/footer.php and this seems to have done the trick - just having to do some tweaking..

So, while I got all pages to read from the html/header and footer files. I noticed that this messes up the ordering process.Two issues I have seen:the image does not line up correctly with the grid. i.e. an upload 64x64 image does not line up with a grid that has 64x64 spacing. (it overlaps two spaces)Secondly, you are unable to physically add the image to the grid. The mouse pointer is a ways away from the image you are trying to add and you can not click anywhere on the grid to add it - making it impossible to purchase pixels.Any idea on a fix? It's obviously some coding that is in the header.php in the users folder. The html/footer.php does not seem to effect the ordering pages at all - just the header.