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Header not shown on "buy pixels" page

Good morning, I have couple problems on my site.First the header on "buy pixels" page just disappear, and is no longer shown.Second I don´t know how can I add more links to the menu bar (example FAQ, Contact)I´ll appreciatte you can help me with this issue.I´m not a web designer, but I did install the site and it´s working so far.

Hello,Which version are you using?If you are using the original 2.0.15 version you can edit the links in example.html.If you are using the new development snapshot 2.1 version then you can edit the links under html/header.php in the menu links section at the bottom.Ryan

Thanks for your prompt response, I´m using the 2.0.15 version, and I rename the example.html to index.html, but when I add anything between "home" and "buy pixels" do not change anythig, woldn´t let me save it. (I´m working with dreamweaver) and the other problem I have is the header on Buy Pixels page, since I rename examle.html to index.html, the header is not shown any more.I´ll appreciate you help me whit this.

Ok, well I can't be sure how you do things in Dreamweaver. Last time I used that was in 2004.It sounds like something you have done though has messed it up somehow with it. I think maybe it has messed with the HTML somehow.If you edit the file source code directly with notepad or whatever, you should see this:[code]

Home | Buy Pixels

[/code]Simply change it to this:[code]

Home | Some Link | Buy Pixels

[/code]I just added another button to some link.

Ryan, I just finish adding all the links I needed, I guess I fix my first issue.ThanksNow I have another problem, on the "buy pixels" page there are no header. All you can see is the logging part of the page.On the top all you can see is a little imagen like the one you get when an image can not be loaded.If you want I can send you the link to my site, so you can see it.