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Grid background

Hi,I've just followed the example to create a PNG image for the grid's background. Once the image is completed I try to uplaoad it from the admin/manage grids/edit(grid)/Background Title. The image is ok but it remain behind the grid non as background. In fact I see the background while page is loading, but when the grid is shown I see a white grid.Did I miss some steps?thanksRegards Valmiki

Hi Valmiki,Did you Process Pixels after adding the image?What version of PHP are you running?What does it say under GD Library version at the top of the page when you go to Info > System Info?Ryan

We are having the same issue. We have looked at the div and iframe, and are curious if there's been any issue with permissions that prevent the bg image from appearing.We've processed pixels, have a current version of PHP, and GD library is fine. We've gone over several png versions with alpha channel modifications.... Test blocks are visible, but background is not. PLEASE HELP -- LAUNCH TOMORROW!Could you provide a sample PNG background that is known to work. There is one that you have linked at but it yields a 404 error.

Do you get any errors in your server logs?

We are in the process of enabling the PHP logging on the server. Should know soon. Do we need to make the Grid Block image completely transparent as well?

I don't think you have to do anything to the grid images. It seems the background image just has to be set to be transparent in order to work. I will create a tracker item to do some testing on this before the next release.

We found the error once we got PHP error logging enabled.> Allowed memory size of 12582912 bytes exhaustedAfter some more research on this forum we found the memory setting that you have in the admin control panel and increased. Problem gone!Thanks for the help and fast response!

1) When the uploads their pixels, should we expect to see the background image on the grid that is displayed? It's not working that way for us. All they see is a blank grid.2) On our home page ... should we also be able to see a translucent grid over top of our background? We aren't seeing a grid, just the background image.Thanks for the help.

Hmm, ok I will look into this as well for the next release. FYI I created a bug report here. Feel free to add any additional comments. (You would have to create an account on the bug tracker)

have same problem.Background dont show.i have try to change color of the grid - when i go on the website, than the color shows for 1 secound, than goes grey.. and background dont show.. i have process the pixel and the php version at system info: You have PHP version: 5.5.30GD Library version:Array( [GD Version] => bundled (2.1.0 compatible) [FreeType Support] => 1 [FreeType Linkage] => with freetype [T1Lib Support] => [GIF Read Support] => 1 [GIF Create Support] => 1 [JPEG Support] => 1 [PNG Support] => 1 [WBMP Support] => 1 [XPM Support] => [XBM Support] => 1 [JIS-mapped Japanese Font Support] => )Thanks