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Google Analytics


Can anyone please show me exactly where to paste my Google analytics code for this site?

Also, if there are any other recommendations for fairly basic/affordable analytics I'd love to hear them.




You can add it to your html/header.php under the <head> tag and the same in users/header.php. At least it seems that's where they want to put it these days from what I can see.

Depending on your host you might be able to install some free software from your control panel. If you're using cPanel you probably can install Piwik.


Thanks, it kept breaking the animation in my header, it looks like analytics is working if I put it in the footer. Hopefully the data sent over isn't inaccurate. We'll see how things go.

Can I ask another question here or should I make a new thread? On my site, on the grid, there is a 1 pixel sliver along the entire right side and bottom. It's like the background image isn't laid perfectly onto the grid. I tried to expand the size of my background by 10 pixels in each dimension (1010 x 1010) yet I still have that little transparent/white sliver of unused pixels. Any ideas on how to fix this?