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Getting errors upon installation

I paid for hosting on hostinger.  I bought a domain name thru Hostinger.  I created a database w/ a name, username and pass.  I uploaded the zip file and I'm getting an error. Someone suggested "You may need to ask the developer what PHP version is required for it, as you may be the wrong version. "


Thank you.    

Hi there,

What error are you getting?

It should work with PHP 5.6 and up. Ideally PHP 7.X would be good to use.

Sorry, I just noticed that you posted a link to your site. I didn't even notice it there before.

It looks like it's trying to connect to a MySQL server but not getting any response. Were you able to run the install script or did it give you an error before that when you first visited the site?

You should have a config.php in the folder you installed it to and that should have the correct details for MySQL server in it or else it won't be able to connect. If you didn't run the install script at /admin/install.php and it wasn't successful then it might not be able to connect properly.

Also, after you run the install properly and it creates the tables in the database you should delete the /admin/install.php script so that nobody else can try to run it.

Do you see any other errors in your web server's error logs? They might be in error_log files in the website's directory or somewhere else.

Thank you for your reply.  well, considering I have no idea about any of this stuff I will go over your message again tonight and try to find the places where I should be looking for this stuff.

Sure wish I took these classes years ago.....   

I'll update tonight. Thanks. 

Actually I just remembered that you probably won't see any errors in the logs because the error_reporting in the config.php might be set to 0. You can try setting that line at the top to:


Then when you try to view your site again and reproduce the error you might be able to see them in the error logs.