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    Gents, sorry to post this but I found no previous reference to it and I have checked my installation.

    After adding a New Field to the Ad Form (Ad Form -> New Field) and click on Save button I get the message: “Saving…OK!”
    for every proper Field Label, Type and Template Tag I enter.

    But after trying to edit the form to get any change (eg a change in the order that fields are supporsed to be presented), I get a SQL error (attached file).

    After that, if I try to edit again the form, I see it as the last change I tried to enter (the changes applied before the saving error seems to be applied to the form).

    If I try to View Form, I get the following error, but the updated form is shown as per the latest change:
    “HTML Text
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function process_for_html_output() in /home/datesit1/public_html/md/include/dynamic_forms.php on line 585”

    When trying to “Buy a Pixel” outside of the admin, you are requested and can enter the content for the field but you get an error after entering it.

    I can reproduce this in different hosts. It is not a random error.

    Is there something wrong in my configuration?.
    I am running PHP 5.2, MySQL 5.

    Full details on configuration and video showing the process I followed to run into the error.

    Hope it helps. Please let me know in case you may ned any further detail.



    Hey there,

    I think that edit form is still broken. I am not sure if it ever actually worked in the original script but I have modified it a little and haven’t finished fixing it. So chances are this is what you are running into.

    What is the SQL error? You didn’t attach the file properly I don’t think.

    What version of MDS are you running?

    Thanks =)


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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