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Get an error in View Form after adding a New Field

Gents, sorry to post this but I found no previous reference to it and I have checked my installation.After adding a New Field to the Ad Form (Ad Form -> New Field) and click on Save button I get the message: "Saving...OK!"for every proper Field Label, Type and Template Tag I enter.But after trying to edit the form to get any change (eg a change in the order that fields are supporsed to be presented), I get a SQL error (attached file).After that, if I try to edit again the form, I see it as the last change I tried to enter (the changes applied before the saving error seems to be applied to the form). If I try to View Form, I get the following error, but the updated form is shown as per the latest change:"HTML Text Fatal error: Call to undefined function process_for_html_output() in /home/datesit1/public_html/md/include/dynamic_forms.php on line 585"When trying to "Buy a Pixel" outside of the admin, you are requested and can enter the content for the field but you get an error after entering it.I can reproduce this in different hosts. It is not a random error.Is there something wrong in my configuration?.I am running PHP 5.2, MySQL 5.Full details on configuration and video showing the process I followed to run into the error.Hope it helps. Please let me know in case you may ned any further detail.

Hey there,I think that edit form is still broken. I am not sure if it ever actually worked in the original script but I have modified it a little and haven't finished fixing it. So chances are this is what you are running into.What is the SQL error? You didn't attach the file properly I don't think.What version of MDS are you running?Thanks =)Ryan