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Fonts and layout

I would like white in black color

Quote from Ryan on March 9, 2019, 10:18 am

Hmm, I'm not completely sure what most of what you're saying is. However if you're trying to change the background color of something you only should have to edit the main.css file.

If you can show me a screenshot or a link of what exactly you're trying to change I can give you some CSS to change it.

The solution would enter the <DOCTYPE html>, but I did a test inside the file signup.php and I did not succeed, maybe I was wrong the location of <body> inside the php code, but I did several tests and I got three errors:
A) Nothing, it was not loaded
b) is loaded, but immediately below appears the same page as I now appears, with white spaces
c) does not load the page

OK it sounds like maybe there are some inline styles embedded in a file somewhere that might be affecting it. I'll see what I can discover.

Ok, thank you.

The boxes for registration go well white

The style affecting that area seems to be the inline style on the div in the /users/header.php file which explains why changing styles for table elements has no affect.

The best solution would likely be to move those styles on that div into the main.css and give that div element a class name instead of using inline styles there. I'm not too sure why it's using inline styles but probably was a quick fix for something somewhere along the line.

So ideally in the /users/header.php file you would change:

<div style='background-color: #ffffff; border-color:#C0C0C0; border-style:solid;padding:10px;'>


<div class="users-container">

And then in the main.css add:

.users-container {

background-color: #000;





Or whatever you want it to be. Then you can edit that style in the main.css instead of having to edit the header.php file.

It worked!
Perfect, thank you very much!!

Hi, excuse me again...
The same problem appears in the "Manage my pixels " footer, between the footer and the grid remains a white stripe.
The code refers to the same code as the first problem.

I tried to change it or to color it with another colour, but it doesn't save it and resets it.
On the footer page there is nothing about this.

Likely there is a similar line in another file somewhere. A quick search finds it here:

/users/order_pixels.php line 934

/users/publish.php line 621

/users/select.php line 930

I wouldn't be surprised if similar lines were in other places. It seems possible that it could be due to converting tables to divs in a number of places and inline styles were used as a quick fix.

I solved it, in publish.
But if I wanted to change this string in the Login page, where I enter user and password?

In style.css you fail, in login.php and login_functions.php there is not even in the two pages of the language.

<table style="border-collapse: collapse; border-style:solid; border-color:#E8E8E8" width="80%" cellpadding="5" border="1">

One last thing, however, if I wanted to add a banner in the future to that strip that I just modified, I would risk ruining the pixels by modifying publish.php?

Thanx a lot!

I looked at the guides of the site, I did not put background image, but I wanted the blocks of another color.

In the Manage Grid I have selected the new blocks and I have also uploaded with FileZilla for security that goes well.

On the homepage is all OK, I see a white background and when I load the page I see the background of the color I selected below, so I think is normal.

On the user's Manage Pixels page, when I enter with my user, it does not load the grid.