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Fonts and layout

Try adding the font line to .status_body instead because it can't go through the iframe like that.

Ok, perfect, thanks!


I have trouble changing the background of the body in some pages of the user. Is it possible to check another CSS file in addition to menu and style?

Thank you

There is a /users/style.css which might affect some things but I believe the main.css also loads on that page.

Which page are you trying to change? You don't have to necessarily paste a link if you don't want to but if I knew what page I could test and see.

Hmm that might be tables in those areas. It's possible the tables have a background color set directly on them somewhere. Wouldn't be surprised. You could try setting some CSS like

table,tr,td {background:transparent !important;}

Although that might affect the headings, not sure if they are tables or use thead or what.

I deleted your post because it had a bunch of html in it that was messing up the page.

Sorry I was wrong to put the (code) in the post, in fact I was editing it. You did well.
Yes, I think they are tables, I noticed, but the background lower is what I can not edit. Ok, I'm trying in the morning, here are the 12am, thanks a lot!


Unfortunately nothing, I tried in different ways. It's like it resets automatically.

I tried to put "#000 !important;" or "#000;" in all.

I noticed that even the edge resets, but always and only the body.

On style editor

Excuse the ignorance, but the HTML of the page in which file is saved?

Because what I have in  "Inspector " is not saved everything in style.css, if I open the files of the site *.php do not have HTML lines, clearly.

I read the guides and because the page is not "physically" a page. html, there should be no problem if I do an index. HTML for the home and an index. HTML for users, right?
So I solve the problem without messing with PHP

Hmm, I'm not completely sure what most of what you're saying is. However if you're trying to change the background color of something you only should have to edit the main.css file.

If you can show me a screenshot or a link of what exactly you're trying to change I can give you some CSS to change it.