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Fonts and layout

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Ohhh my bad, I did have the code in the wrong order for some reason. That's odd. The line numbers themselves are still in the right spots but the code was switched around for some reason. I could have sworn they were in the right order when I posted it. Maybe there's a bug in the code editor somehow. Oh well. I switched them around now.


No problem.

I had a cache problem that I then solved, but this does not have to do with the cache:
Every time an order is made I have to select "Order Expired ", complete them all again, even those already completed 10 days ago (for example) and re-process the grid.
Can this bug be solved or is it normal?

I find nothing in the documentation on that.

When you edit your grid under Manage Grids do you have your Days to Expire set to 0 so they don't expire?

Here's the reason, sorry.
It was at 1, I corrected.

Thank you


Can I bother you to ask you if you can help me fix the width of the homepage?
Apparently it is not automatic and the <div container> function specified in the header (html directory) is the only one in which the page width is defined, but it actually defines the width of the grid.

I managed to change the margin to the left with 10px, but if I don't arrange the right margin (currently it will be around 50px) and if it doesn't go automatically the page doesn't stay centralized.
I don't know if I explain myself, anyway the margin-right or padding-right commands don't respond to decrease the space.

And then I wanted to ask you something else: there are 2 headers, one is in the root and the other I mainly work on is in the html directory.
Is it correct that there are 2 headers?
(I'm excluding the third header in the users folder)
I ask because maybe I made a mistake and the header in the root is only a "surplus" of an old change XD.

Thanks a lot!

Hi there,

Sorry, I'm in the process of moving to a new place but should be able to read closer in a few days and try to help. If I don't feel free to post again and remind me.

Ok, alright, thanks

If you set the margin left and right to auto it might center the element.

I don't believe there is a header file in the root. Only in the html and users folder.

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