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Fonts and layout

I solved, sorry

Quote from Ryan on April 4, 2019, 3:24 pm

It doesn't access the image directly. It's loaded through a PHP script on the frontend so that wouldn't be the issue.

The images they upload as part of the ad aren't stored by default in the admin folder either. I believe they are stored in the pixels folder.

jQuery isn't used on the frontend. It's only used on the Not for sale screen in the admin.

The popups that you get when you hover over ordered blocks don't load images from the admin folder, they load them from the pixels folder by default. You can change that path in the config so maybe you've changed it to the admin folder or something.

Maybe you are loading jQuery from the admin if you added a popup for it. Load jQuery from somewhere else outside the admin folder. Copy the files or download new ones for your use.

It's not giving me trouble, maybe it was really due to the fact the unstable provider.

You could not tell me what field should I add to the page login_functions.php?
I don't need to collect any data apparently, I'm looking for guides, but I do not want to change the code too much, I just want to add a box that if clicked is confirmed recording.
If It is not too much trouble, otherwise I will try again.
Thank you, good evening!

You have to edit the signup form and add a checkbox to it and then check if that was checked when the form is submitted.

The signup form is displayed in the display_signup_form function.

It is validated in the function above that called validate_signup_form.

So in the display_signup_form function you can add a checkbox above the submit button like:

<input type="checkbox" name="agree" value="agree">

Then you can add a check in the validate_signup_form function before the return statement at the end like:

if(!isset($_REQUEST['agree']) || $_REQUEST['agree'] != "agree") {
  $error .= "You have to agree";

return $error;

I didn't test it but something like that should work.


Thank you for the answer.

I have done some tests but risk of not being able to be accessible to the form, where would you put those parameters, please?
We are sure that I do not have to change even the page login_function?

There is something wrong with when the HTML part is inserted into login_function and it shows.
The PHP Part If I put it in signup hides the form, I probably put it in the wrong place, but what is the right point?

login_functions.php line 316 insert:

<input type="checkbox" name="agree" value="agree">

login_functions.php line 264 insert:

if(!isset($_REQUEST['agree']) || $_REQUEST['agree'] != "agree") {
  $error .= "You have to agree";


Thank you very much!
And sorry to bother you again.
(Careful that you have reversed the lines)

Have a good evening!

Those line numbers are only really right if you haven't already modified the file. That's what they are in a freshly downloaded copy of MDS.

I reversed the lines because if you change the one above first then the line numbers for the one below won't match. So both are the line numbers before the file is modified.

If I look from the newly opened code from the zip file, at line 316 I have the HTML part with

<div align="center">

...but I opened it with Notepad, but also with Atom.
I am still at version 2, I do not know was published another version in the meantime.