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Fonts and layout


Can you suggest me how to insert the fonts?
I tried to edit main.css but the website does not recognize the new fonts, despite being part of the official Google collections.


And then you know show me a good program for Linux or OSX (but I have a very old system in OSX, 10.6 in fact I tried KompoZer and Dreamweaver, but Dreamweaver I find it too dispersive). With KompoZer I found problems in the publication instead, otherwise it was almost perfect. It does not save the edited pages correctly and prompted me to edit the main manually based on the codes I produced with the CSS.
I'm not ignorant in CSS, but I'm not even an expert.
I also tried Bluegriffon and Pinegrow, but I would like something more easy, despite being rich in functionality (but I do not need ahha)

Modifying the main.css I realized that I can edit the entire homepage, but unfortunately when the audience there are parts that are not recognized by the system and then publishes the changes in half.

....Or if you can just show me a map of the pages and files of the site, but I think this is a secret, right? XD

Thank you!!

Hi there,

If you're adding Google fonts you also have to add the line to the /html/header.php and /users/header.php to load their javascript which you can get from the Google fonts site when selecting fonts.

There is also /users/style.css which has some styles for the /users pages.

I use all of the JetBrains IDE's for development. For this software I use PhpStorm.

I'm not sure what you mean about a map of the pages and files of the site. You can browse the files to see all of them. Is there something specific you're looking for?


In which file should I add the string?

I would like to understand how the script file shortcuts are set.
For example: If I imposed colors for the areas of main. CSS and after publishing part of these areas I do not see them, I suppose there are sections set in other files.
I talk about the homepage, then clearly I would like to change also the layout and colors of the registration, authentication and payment pages.
At least I would understand the names of the files where I can make changes, then I arrange myself.
I do not care a translation, I saw another topic for this question, but now I'm not interested.
Thanks for the quick response and for the support!

If you're referring to the Google fonts line you can add that above the </head> tags in the /html/header.php and /users/header.php.

If you want to edit the styles you can edit them in /main.css and users/style.css.

Actually you may have to also make sure to add the Google fonts line above the line where it imports the main.css and style.css to be able to use them in those files.

Ok thank you!
I try and let you know!

Instead of the programs do not know a good one, excluding those that I have listed, with WYSIWYG system?

Have you tried https://atom.io


Not really what I was looking for, I tried it a bit, but anyway thanks πŸ™‚


I have a problem with status_outer, in the sense that is not charging more, I must have made some mess when I changed the code. Could you write me here the correct string of the iframe, please?

Thank you

Are you referring to this: https://gitlab.com/MillionDollarScript/MillionDollarScript/blob/dev/html/header.php#L67

I did it, it was not about the code.
Can you tell me how I can change the font of the same iframe? I'm trying this way and I put the font string in the outer head too, but it does not recognize it.

Thank you