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Fatal error: Call to undefined function banner

Getting this error on Manage Grids Screen : -[color=#ff4444]Fatal error: Call to undefined function banner_get_packages() in /home/buylrasi/public_html/admin/inventory.php on line 685[/color]This error on Packages[color=#ff4444]Fatal error: Call to undefined function load_banner_constants() in /home/buylrasi/public_html/admin/packs.php on line 15[/color]also on process pixels [color=#ff4444]Please wait.. Processing the Grid image with GDSaved as /home/buylrasi/public_html/admin/temp/temp1.gifFatal error: Call to undefined function load_banner_row() in /home/buylrasi/public_html/include/image_functions.php on line 37[/color]what could be the reason? pls help

It looks like you haven't uploaded all the files properly.

HI ryan,which could i b missing? i reuploaded everything its still the same..

Are you uploading this into a folder with existing folders in it? Or is it in a subfolder of it's own? It seems there are files missing in the includes folder.

Hi Ryan,Thanks I deleted and uploaded the files one by one in includes...it's working now..one more thing how to center the grid on the page?

If you're using the old version which you must be, then you can try these:https://milliondollarscript.com/installation/documentation/docs#comment-13https://milliondollarscript.com/faq/tips-a-tricks/how-can-i-center-the-gridOr you could start fresh and try the dev version out instead which already comes centered and a bunch of bugs fixed. Some of the old files might be left behind if you were to overwrite with the dev version and I don't know if this would cause any problems but I suppose it could, especially where libraries were updated.