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I know that you are affiliated with Fastcomet and you may have all the interest to promote me a high plan, but if I started with a startsmart I could have problems, since the site is in PHP?

Thank you

Yep you should be fine on any of the plans.

However I'll check on your other issue and see why it's doing that.

Ok thanks, I opened another topic because it would not be correct on my part to mess up the forum too.
I asked this question because I read that it has drawbacks on some features of the PHP language.

In fact it does not contain:

  • Varnish - Varnish is accelerator of web applications. It is serving contents from in-memory which will give you fast PHP executions and MySQL queries
  • Apace Mod_Lsapi - This is an Apache module, designed for seamless and optimized serving of PHP pages. Using the LiteSpeed technology, the LSAPI module for Apache is a drop-in replacement for SuPHP, FCGID, RUID2 and ITK, which allows much higher performance, low memory footprint and better compatibility than PHP-FPM. It also understands directives from .htaccess files. In short, LSAPI means faster and more stable websites.
  • Memcached - It works perfectly in combination with Varnish as it cached bootstraps, modules, view etc.
  • APC - APC is an Alternative PHP Caching that can cache objects of your website instead of the whole page.
  • OPcache - OpCode Caches are a performance enhancing extension for PHP. They do this by injecting themselves into the execution life-cycle of PHP and caching the results of the compilation phase for later reuse.


Yeah the last plan is has boosted performance but it's also not completely necessary if you're just starting out. If your site starts getting a lot of traffic you can upgrade for better performance.

Ok, thank you!