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expired pixels

Hi,I still have problems with expired pixels.I changed settings under Configuration > Main Config under Misc settings (changed to 0) and under Pixel Inventory > Manage Grids(changed to 999, because changing to 0 didn't work).Antway it seems those values do not work and pixels keep on expiring.What can I do?Thanks.towersangels staff

Hi,If you have changed the grid settings to expire after 999 days then it shouldn't expire. On my test grid it doesn't expire with 365 days entered.Click Manage Grids. Click Edit for your grid. For Days to Expire enter any number of days or a value of 0 for unlimited.Be sure to click the Save Grid Settings button at the bottom of the page.This is what worked for me. If it still doesn't work then maybe there is something else going on.In that case try setting up a separate test install in another directory with a different database and testing it there. Feel free to contact me using the contact form with access to your admin area of your test install so I can test it out as well because it works fine on my server.Ryan