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Error during ordering process

After installing the script all worked well for quite a long time.But then I tried - for 7-8 times - to 'buy' my own pixels to check the ordering process itself...So after I deleted the old order, I loged in and 'bought' again [uploading new images to the same, previous location I had bought before]. Now after 7-8 times the problem occured: After uploading the image, typing in the description / URL and uploading an additional second image for the description and clicking the button 'save', the mask completely disappears. It doesn't show: Ad saved. Continue.What is broken? What can I do?Thank you.

Hi there,What version of the script are you using? If not the development snapshot please give it a try as it contains various bug fixes since I've taken over development of the script.If the issue still happens please post a screenshot and I will fix it up.Thanks!Ryan

Hey,I have taken two screenshots,I am using the 2.0.15 version.In the first screenshot everything is working fine.But after clicking the save button, it all disappears, as you can see in the 2nd screenshot [instead of showing: Ad saved. Continue.]I think it must have to do with the additional 2nd image, because when I save the ad without add. image, everything works fine.