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E-mail help

Hi there guys,Your help is needed.Everything with the script is working just gr8 and i could help my self with almost everything accept the emails. I've translated the script in to Czech language with the trans.../editing tool but when testing the emails ware unreadable cause of the encoding but even after changing the encoding to others then win-... it's still coming unreadable. Can you help me pls??? I think it's such a simple solution that i cant come on it.... Pls heeeelp Thank you,Roberto

Hello,Where have you changed the encoding at? Is it all of the content of the emails or only certain parts? I think the mail library could probably use an update if such a thing exists.If I remember correctly I switched everything to UTF-8 in the dev snapshot (which is probably not completely compatible with the previous release) but I am not sure about the emails. It may require some more testing.Ryan