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Disable Image Upload option

Hi Ryan,Is there a way where we can disable image upload option for customer?Where only Admin can upload Image to the grid which will be sent thru Email.( I figured out a few stpes here1. Edit user/header.php and remove the link to manage my pixels but by doing so when the payment is approved in backend admin>>completed orders , AdId is not generated? It is only generated if the customer logsin and selects Manage my pixels?)Thanks in AdvanceMax.

Hi Max,I am not sure if I understand exactly what you did but to remove the image upload option I suspect you would have to do something similar to this:https://milliondollarscript.com/forum/10-modifications/142-remove-links#146Ryan

What i meant is that the customer should not have an option to upload images to grid, only admin should be able to do it .

I don't think I am understanding what you are trying to do or exactly what the problem you are having is.Are you referring to the very first box labeled "Upload your pixel image" or the box on the next screen labeled "Additional Image" ?If it's the first box then I am not even really sure how you can make it work if you don't upload an image. How do you select the blocks you want to advertise on if you don't know what image to put there? Are you using a different Pixel Selection Method other than the default?Also, what is the problem with ad_id? ad_id should be put into the database when you create an ad. However, if you aren't uploading an image I don't know how you are creating the ad. Maybe you have modified some other things? If you want only the admin to create ads then you will have to modify a lot of things. If you want the user to create ads and the admin to upload images sent through email then you will have to probably ad a whole new form to the admin section to do that. I don't understand why the image is sent through email though in the first place.