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Coinbase MDS Plugin

Hi Ryan,The easiest way to implement Bitcoin payments is with Coinbase's API. May you please show me how to make an easily installable plugin for MillionDollarScript to allow Coinbase-driven Bitcoin Payments?Thanks in Advance.-James

Hi there,I created a bitcoin payment module awhile ago. I used BitPay though and not Coinbase. It's in the development snapshot. I don't know if it actually works or not because I have had no feedback on it yet.Ryan

OK, if I want the latest version of MDS, do I download the dev snapshot from the official MDS website, or from its corresponding GitHub page, because I downloaded the one from this official website, and I have not seen the BitPay plugin in the payment module section of my admin. What am I missing?

Don't quote me on this, because I'm not at all sure about this, but do you think many people may have given up on the script because of that mod_security 406 error. Because when I reinstalled this script over an older version, following explicit directions in UPGRADE.txt, I got that error while trying to create a test ad. I called GoDaddy and they confirmed it was a mod_security issue and fixed it on their end. But some people may never have taken that extra step and have possibly given up already.