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Block Background Copy Option

Hey Guys,Thinking of using script for competition so would be great if there was a block background image copy download or degraded substitute option available.Been MDS fan for some time and coming back into fray.CHEERS

Hi there,Do you mean for visitors to be able to download the individual images that users upload to the blocks they select? And to optionally download them at a % of the quality?Ryan

Hi RyanNot user ad images but the blended Photoshop background image for the whole pixel grid. Normally I use simple html code ie [ oncontextmenu="alert('You may not right click'); return false; ] to prevent images being copied not that it is all that successful. Also as you are recompiling in Joomla I think there is a really cool hover over video load extension which would be awesome for MDS. Similar to Google maps.Anyway just some food for thought.CHEERS DAVID

Oh I see, you mean some script to stop visitors from right clicking and blocking them from downloading the image. You should be able to add that javascript into the page if you like. I could add an option for that as well.