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BitPay Payment Module Issue

I am trying to use the BitPay Payment Module. I have gotten the BitPay account and generated the API key that I inserted in the BitPay Api Key inside the Admin panel. However, when I tried testing the module using a test user account I get the following error at checkout:"There was an error processing your request: Bitcoin address not available, try again later" Could you please help me resolve this issue.

I have exactly the same problem. It would be great if this could be solved.

Ok I will see if I can fix this payment plugin. For the future version there seems to be a woocommerce plugin for it:

Just thought I would post an update in case anyone's wondering.The existing BitPay payment module requires a complete rewrite. I started working on that but it's going to take some time since it looks like their API has completely changed. I'm not sure how long it will take because I am quite busy with other things currently. I will post here when it's ready though. Once complete it should work for sure since they have a testing system I can use which I've setup.

I got rid of BitPay and replaced it with CoinPayments which supports far more cryptocurrencies and was easier to deal with. I tried getting BitPay to work for awhile but couldn't figure it out so CoinPayments it is. Hopefully this is ok for anyone who used BitPay.