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Bitcoin payment

Hi, please can you integrate bitpay.com api so there is automated bitcoin payment?

OK, I will add it.

I added the BitPay payment gateway to the development snapshot. It requires testing. It may not work properly as I don't have a BitPay account to test with yet.You can download the latest development snapshot or view the file changes here if you want to make the changes manually: https://github.com/MillionDollarScript/MillionDollarScript/commit/4c6c772fbc56e28f5eed52e10dbbfa34456f22ce

I also forgot to switch the SSL verifier back on so if you are manually making the changes you can see where that is here: https://github.com/MillionDollarScript/MillionDollarScript/commit/acc3d7fa7c987a558ede2a2b75f688d0898df275

You are wery fast. I see you created new PHP files, but i alas dont know how to integrate it into the script so its added and allow people to automatically purchase via bitcoinIf You have any test installation and some cents pixels, i can try to make bitpay payment for you. PS: bitpay is not required, only bitcoin i think

You should just be able to download the development snapshot and extract it and upload the files over your other ones or into a new spot if you want to test it first.This is where to download the development snapshot: https://milliondollarscript.com/downloads/million-dollar-script/million-dollar-script-svn-snapshot/

I tried to isntall it at http://ads.cashbb.combut at install page it gives 500 error. i read README file, but its erroneous. I tried to PM you but cant find button to do it.

You can mail using the contact form or send to ryan@milliondollarscript.com