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Beta Testing the WordPress Version

Hi,I see that a WordPress version of the script is in the works and I was wondering if you need any beta testers. I wrote a book about WordPress for a tech. publisher, so I'm experienced with the platform and can offer help with any beta testing that you might need.Also, do you have any time frame as to when the WordPress version might be finalized?Ren

Hi there,Sorry for the late response, I was away. Thank you for your offer! I'll definitely post an alpha/beta version when it's ready. I'm still working on it and had hoped to have an alpha version ready by now for people to test out. I got really busy with work and am still fairly busy but things might be slowing down slightly. So I haven't finished it yet and I'm not sure exactly when it might be ready but I can and will spend more time on it and see if it's possible to have something sooner rather than later, along with some other open source projects I'm working on.Ryan

I need to buy this script for wordpress for my website that I need for jan 2017. When will this be ready? It doesn't make lots sense not to have a wordpress feature by now. Whats up?

It seems to me that there is no understanding as to what it takes to develop these plugins especially one this complicated. If anyone deplores the lack of such a plugin I would suggest sending the developer enough cash so he can drop his other work and just work on this. Other than that, you'll have to wait like the rest of us who have actually contributed to his development costs. On the other hand, there is no reason why there should be a Wordpress plugin for this since it will run on your website without Wordpress. Keep your shirt on and have a little patience and understanding for the developer.