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    Hi there,

    I’m trying to get the background image to show on my page. I have edited it in Photoshop, exported it as a .png (smaller than 2MB), I go to the “Backgrounds” link and upload my backgroud, then I go to “Process Pixels” and… Nothing.

    And interesting thing I notice while in the “Backgrounds” screen, under “Selected Grid:” is shows the “broken image” icon. I can’t see my grid at all on the “Backgrounds” screen.

    I also noticed when I tested purchasing pixels, when it comes time to show the grid so you can place your pixels, the grid does not show up.

    And then, after managing to complete the “purchase” of pixels, the test image I used does not show up on the grid on the main page. (Even after processing pixels.)

    Any ideas what the problem may be?

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    It might be you have to allocate more RAM to PHP. You can adjust the memory settings in the admin options to a higher value and see if that helps any. If not I will see if I can reproduce it if you let me know which version of the script you are running.




    Ah, yes, that was it, cheers bud!

    I have one final question: I would like to change some of the text under /users directory, (when people buy pixels)specifically I would like to change the word “ad” in all menus and buttons on the front end. I was able to modify the script on the main page fairly easily , but I can’t find the places to do it in the /users directory.

    For example, at the top of the screen it says “Upload Your pixels -> Write Your Ad -> Confirm -> Payment -> Thank you!”, I would like to change the “Write Your Ad” text to something else. Also, on some buttons it says “Write your ad”, I would like to mod that as well.

    Thanks again Ryan, you were a big help!



    Ok, no worries, I got everything sorted.

    Thanks again!

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