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Adshack - www.adshack.net

http://www.adshack.netI have built a website using the milliondollarscript integrated into it, I plan to add some more features to the website in time but for now I think everything is working quite well and I'm looking into driving some traffic towards the website now.So go check it out at http://www.adshack.net and see what you think of it, and why not buy some advert space whilst you are there :)Adshack

Love the site - in fact I Like it so much want to do something similar but to correspond with the natue of my website - quick question - how did you put the background image in place - how u change backgrounds of task bars etc - user admin like that a lot

Hello, thanks for the positive comments.I built the website and then integrated parts of the script into it using iframes for the grid and stats box as given in the admin panel under the Pixel Inventory / Get HTML Code.To alter the background on the user control panel I cheated a little rather than modifying the code I just renamed my background to the same name as the existing one, bg_gradient.jpg and overwrote in the relevant folder. I did add my own code into the header.php file of the user folder so the top logo picture has a homepage link, as I felt you needed some way to get back to the homepage from the user panel.Hope that helps.

Cheers will try and do something similar, i've got the background image sorted as i spent most of last night on photoshop creating it. As I say your site looks cool! Can I propose one further thing to you. I am trying to create a bereavement social network called allwaysinourhearts.com and anyone who helps me substantially I place a link on our friends page. Can I propose a link exchange of sorts - You place a link on your pixel page - I will provide a small picture and url and description and you provide the same and your link will be visible here allwaysinourhearts.com/friends

Yes I would be happy to do that, your website looks like a good idea and has potential, and we could both benefit by doing that πŸ™‚

great stuff - will place a link on your pixel site now if my image is too big please let me know as a i have a few smaller ones - please send your details to [email protected] cheers - oh that url thing worked a treat.