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    Gary Littlemore

    I’d like to be able to add custom pages from within the admin area giving an option of naming the page, putting what I require on the page either in HTML code or using a WYSIWYG editor and the system adding the page also adding a new tab at the top for the named page.

    How do I go about adding a new page to the site at the moment? I’m looking to add a Terms & Conditions page.



    You would have to create a new file in the root of the install and edit the header.php and add a link to it in the menu (near the bottom of the file). The file could be a regular HTML file but if you want it to have the same header and footer as the rest of the site you could make it a php file and include the header and footer files.

    I’ll try to show some example code here but not sure how well it will display on these forums.


    <?php require_once('html/header.php'); ?>
    <h2>Terms and Conditions</h2>
    Your terms and conditions.
    <?php require_once('html/footer.php'); ?>
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    Gary Littlemore

    Great, thanks Ryan I’ll give it ago.

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