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Hi Ryan,My website is almost done, I only have one issue tho :the website is in french therefore with accents, and all the mails do not take them into account !!here's an example :[quote]Cher mike sochon, Vous avez commandé avec succès sur Startup-Equity. ========================DETAILS DE LA COMMANDE=========================Commande n°: #4Pixels: 3600Jours: JamaisPrix: CHF3,600.00Status: Confirmé-------------------------- Votre commande sera validé dès reception du paiement. Une fois celle-ci validé, connectez vous sur votre compte pour upload vos pixels et le lien. N'hésitez pas à contacter [email protected] pour toutes questions. [/quote]Any idea how I could fix that ???

Looks like maybe some UTF-8 header or something missing somewhere. This is in the dev snapshot?

Yeah that's what I thought. Can't figure where to add it thoI'm using the dev snapshot.Mike[url=http://www.startup-equity.ch]www.startup-equity.ch[/url]

I updated the mail lib at one point but I am pretty sure I merged the UTF-8 stuff and set the default_charset to UTF-8. Its everything in the /mail folder. So maybe there is a ISO-8859-1 somewhere in those files that has to be UTF-8.I think I found one and will push it to the dev snapshot. But it is in /mail/plugins/modifier.escape.php right near the top.

Hi Ryan,Changed the one you mentioned, but no luck still have the same issue. I tried to look around other files without success. Any news on this one ?TYMikewww.startup-equity.ch

Hi,Could you please send me your language file where this is happening because of?Thanks =)