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Ability to Disable Image Upload

As mentioned by a previous poster, I would like to be able to remove the option for the buyer to upload an image. I'm using this for a cross-country bike-a-thon donation page and I'm using a black and white version of the route map as the background image. When sponsors click on one of the boxes in the grid they will be able to buy that part of the route but I want that square of the grid to change to color. Our goal is to sell the route and make the route map fully color. Is this a possibility?

Yes, this sort of thing has been discussed before. I believe people have successfully modified the form to not require a picture somehow, but to replace it with a default image which can change the colour is another story. I suppose you could somehow either just code to replace the block with the same coordinates on another image, or cut up the 2nd coloured image into blocks and have them upload into the blocks somehow. That might be easier but replacing the coordinates from another image might be a better solution.Another thing people have asked for is the ability to use something other than a block. Probably would have to do some sort of math equations then though.

I did not understand you... I guess Fcvolunteer refers to use a default image on server to use in the form when "uploading" the advertiser image.I tried to change this form but because of the method POST of the form and the INPUT control "file" type, was so heavy to simply use an image gallery on my own server instead a Search box for image to upload from my local disk. :(In other words, I think that people asking for this do not want to give to advertiser the freedom of sendin whatever image but default images on server from a gallery.

Ah that would be possible as well. However, if they are using the same background image and only changing colours then it also is possible to simply recolour the part of that image. Only the code to do that would have to be implemented. If you just want to select an image from a gallery or a list of files in a folder that would also be possible but would have to be implemented. Both are neat ideas.