Wrong Grid link


Belal Ahmad

So I’m add some data maybe you can better understand me.
Processing Pixel I have done!

If I login as Ad and order a Pixel-pic on Grid ID 2 (NOT the MAIN GRID ID 1) and the admin (that´s me) approved that. I can normaly edit the Pic by “Edit my Pixel” BUT in this Option (sitename is /user/publish.php) the grid ist blank, because the grid is linkink to Grid ID 1. How can I change this?

If I Order a second pic on Grid ID 3 it´s all ok, because in “Edit my Pixel” appear a dropdown-option with the Names of Grid ID 2 and 3. This dropdown-option shows too, when I have orders on Grid ID 1 and 2 or 1 and 3!

BUT if I Order as Advertiser two pixel-pics on one grid. I mean Grid ID 2 or Grid ID 3, than i have the blank grid again.

Info: I use this script for german sites.
Hoster: Hosteurope MySQL Version 5.5.30-1
Please help me! I don´t know what I have to do!