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Bill Ghai

hello Ryan
Thank you for a quick reply, but I am still lost.
When the system installs the script it says:

41 Operations Completed.
Database successfully Installed.

Next Steps:
1. Delete this file (install.php) from the server
2. Note: You must go to Admin->Main Config now and set up the rest of the script.
Go to Admin. (The default admin password is ‘ok’. Please don’t forget to change the default password.)

When I click on Goto Admin it goes to the
URL index.php I think, and I input password OK for
a moment it shows a screen with URL :click here to continue for
less then a second
it then shows a blank screen with 0 at the top left and then again asks me for the admin password but this time the URL is

now I get this screen and no iFrames no menu on the left side

Main Summary

Current GMT Time: 2012-08-12 04:38:28
0 Advertiser Accounts
0 Orders Waiting
0 Orders Cancelled
0 Orders Completed
0 Pixels Waiting for approval

I do not know what is wrong… please help. I am using Windows7
and my webserver is with php and mysql