Header.php & Footer.php not effective?

Million Dollar Script Forums Modifications Header.php & Footer.php not effective? Header.php & Footer.php not effective?



So, while I got all pages to read from the html/header and footer files.

I noticed that this messes up the ordering process.

Two issues I have seen:
the image does not line up correctly with the grid. i.e. an upload 64×64 image does not line up with a grid that has 64×64 spacing. (it overlaps two spaces)

Secondly, you are unable to physically add the image to the grid. The mouse pointer is a ways away from the image you are trying to add and you can not click anywhere on the grid to add it – making it impossible to purchase pixels.

Any idea on a fix? It’s obviously some coding that is in the header.php in the users folder. The html/footer.php does not seem to effect the ordering pages at all – just the header.