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Flying Leon

Many thanks for your very comprehensive and positive responses to all my questions. It was good to hear that your project is alive and active. I run a software company (not web based) so I fully understand that you can’t always work on exciting projects as much as one would like. We frequently have to work on higher priority projects to keep our clients happy. Such projects are not always the interesting and fun ones to do. This new business idea we have, is currently only in the planning stage. It won’t be part of my existing company and is a very different business. However, we feel that your Million Dollar Script technology within a WordPress environment would be very helpful in this new business.

I will keep an eye on your Forum and News pages and look forward to seeing it on github when you think it is stable enough for testing.

Sorry to hear you had to completely reinstall Windows from scratch. I can appreciate that this task takes a lot of time just to get back to where you were.