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The grid won’t zoom like that because it’s set to scale to best-fit in the iframe by the image scale script and the iframe is set to scale to the height of the window minus the height of the top elements above such as logo and menu. You would have to probably try to detect page zoom somehow and change the javascript to adjust the iframe element height how you want which might get tricky and you might have to play around with it to get it to do what you want.

You also don’t need this code below which I noticed I had above before and have now edited out. I did have the window resize event in there before but realized it was just in the wrong spot and moved it below to where it is now:

// wait a second and trigger a window resize event
			}, 1000);

If you mean the opacity of the ads in the grid separate from the grid the way you could do that is using the built in blending feature in the MDS admin under Pixel Inventory > Manage Grids > Backgrounds:

You can use or your favourite image editing app and edit the properties of the layer and adjust the opacity there and save it as a 32bit PNG file (which should auto detect) and then upload to MDS.

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