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Oops sorry, I forgot to delete the old post, I thought it would fit better in the ‘Feature Requests’ topic, thats why I posted it once again.

Alright, what I am planning is the following:

I want to add a voting-feature to the script on my site (
My idea is to add a ‘vote’ button to the ad details bubble that shows when a uses hovers over an ad.
So that users can vote (only one time per device) for the best ad/website and the number of votes should be saved in a certain variable for each ad.
The ads should appear in another chart/table like in the list.php file with the ones on top having the most votes.

Of course, the properties of the details bubble have to be changed as well, so that the voting button will be clickable and doesn’t disappear instantly when you try to click it.

Any ideas?

Thank you,